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Bel canto and ZEN - singing in harmony with body and health

Professor Kobayashi introduces and works with "Kobayashi method" which is a combination of the traditional Italian bel canto singing method and elements of ZEN from the Far East. This method is able to strengthen the voice, to stabilize it from within, and to enhance the quality of the sound. More than ever before, suffering voices can be healed and reconstructed and tonal beauty will be intensified.
The spectrum of the training is as diverse as the target group itself: professional singers, voice teachers, advanced students, as well interested choral and amateur singers - regardlessly of the vocal study level of the participants Porf. Kobayashi always focuses on the stabilization and if necessary on the recovery of the voice, as well as to show any vocalist how to deal correctly with the voice and how to take care of the voice as an instrument.
Courses / training - next date:
Bel canto and ZEN - singing in harmony with body and health
Historical Stolzenhof Jagsthausen from 16th - 19th August 2013
(Individual participation: full time or individual days)
Participation at a rate of 100, - € per day.