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Choir of the Orchestra Academy


The choir will participate in projects such as concerts and recording session for CD productions in Europa and in Japan in cooperation with the Orchestra Academy Bernhard Wünsch.

Additionally, the choir members, if requested, will be supported to prepare to audition for professional choirs in Europe. 


Schedule 2013


June, 22nd - 24th:

Audition in Tokyo (Japan):    5000 YEN

every day from 11am - 2 pm

June, 29th - July 7th:

Choir Academy in Tokyo (Japan)    300 EURO

[June 29th: individual lesson (tba)] 

[June, 30th: individual lesson (tba)]

[July, 1st: choir] 

[July, 2nd: choir]

[July, 3rd: individual lesson (tba)]

[July, 4th: individual lesson (tba)]

[July, 5th - 7th: choir]

every day from 11 am - 2 pm

July, 22nd - August, 2nd:

Masterclass for Voice, Choir Singers/Soloists, Voice Mastering in Duderstadt, Germany: 100 EURO per day

every day from 10 am- 1 pm:  individual lesson

every day from 3 pm - 6:30 pm: Masterclass

September 28th - October 5th: 

Choir Academy in Tokyo (Japan):   300 EURO

[September 28th: choir] 

[September 29th: choir]

[September 30th: individual lesson (tba)] 

[October, 1st: Fl, individual lesson (tba)]

[October, 2nd: choir]

[October, 3rd: individual lesson (tba)]

[October, 4th: individual lesson (tba)]

[October 5th: choir]

every day from 11 am - 2 pm

April 2014:

Concert in Belarus: J. S. Bach "Matthäus-Passion" BWV 244, with the Orchestra Academy and the Radio Symphony Orchestra Minsk, Conductor Bernhard Wünsch